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A provider of trader interfaces and solutions
Gemini C Group Trading Services Trading services and financial intelligence Finding the right interface for your firm
Gemini C Group Product Management Product Management: Protecting your interests and horizons Ensuring the best arrangement for your corporate products
Gemini C Group Data Research Intel curtailed for your specific objectives Providing the critical information you need

About Gemini C Group

The Gemini C Group is a provider of trading interfaces and data specific solutions customized for your corporate needs.

Trading Interfaces

Interfaces Trading interfaces are are the heart of the execution services industry. We provide the interfaces needed to run a flexible and powerful trading group.


Alternate Text In a world where critical information is key towards making decisions and optimizing your objective outcomes reliable data is mandatory.

Product Management

Products The product is the basis of any corporate entity doing business. Our solutions towards product management modify your existing apparatus to reduce high indicators.

Recent Developments

The center for economic and financial outlook recently requested a revisit on the 2nd half derivatives binary approach. The revisit consists of adjacent approaches that provide a transparent picture to the most widely used economic and financial indicators.

The impace of insolvent instruments in the wake of the Euro debt crisis has proven to be a conclusive effort that has required little flex-line and adhesion.

  • Modern interfaces The Gemini C Group modern interfaces have experience in evolving markets and can easily adapt to your most robust needs.
  • Capturing Critical Data Data that is needed however and whenever you needed can come in short supply. Quite the contrary here.

  • Production certainty Production certainty is on the mind of everyone in the business world. It is what makes our world work after all. Our services can show you what you need to do as you need to do it.